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About our 3PL Warehouse

Experience Excellence in 3PL Warehouse Services

At Tower Logistic Warehousing, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch 3PL warehouse services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your goods are stored and transported efficiently and safely. We specialize in shipping logistics, handling everything from the storage of goods to their delivery. With our 3PL warehouse services, you can rest assured that your logistics needs are in good hands.

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A Leader in 3PL Warehouse Shipping Logistics

Tower Logistic Warehousing, a pioneer in 3PL warehouse services and shipping logistics near Trenton, was founded in 1969 by the late Harrison Lord. It was Lord’s dream to breathe new life into the then-underutilized historical Wall Rope Factory facility located near Trenton NJ, NYC, and Philadelphia. Harrison and his trusted team of forward-thinking logistical experts, led by Michelle and Rob Hoffman, carried out his ambitious plan to develop the property into the 500,000 square foot facility it has become today.

With a focus on hazmat storage and chemical storage, it was Harrison’s ground-breaking vision that led Tower to become one of the region’s leading Material Storage, Handling, Monitoring, Shipping, and Logistics Campuses. Our team, led by our new President, Steven Sperber, strives each day to carry forth the revolutionary vision that Lord and his team nurtured so fervently.

People, Process, Safety, Community… The Tower way, leading the path in 3PL warehouse services and shipping logistics.

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Advancing 3PL Warehouse Services near Trenton NJ

Tower Logistic Warehousing’s team of experienced industry experts are constantly working to upgrade our client-facing experience by implementing the latest available technologies and systems in shipping logistics and hazmat storage. Our stated goal at Tower, a leading third-party logistics provider, is to achieve the greatest possible level of efficiency by leveraging bleeding-edge technology. As part of our commitment to chemical storage and handling, Tower will be launching state-of-the-art inventory control, labeling, scanning, and tracking systems, as well as a multi-faceted retrieval system. Act now to be a part of this exciting evolution in 3pl warehouse services.

Our Vision

Operational integrity at every level will ensure our collective safety. Please allow us to provide your company with a highly detailed quotation for your immediate and future needs.

Our Mission

To respect and provide top notch service to clients while providing a healthy and safe environment for all of our valued team members. Please allow us to provide your company with a highly detailed quotation for your immediate and future needs.

Our 3PL Warehouse Is Fully Licensed

Approved, And Insured To Handle Hazardous Materials, Non-hazardous Materials,
And Liquids While Offering Cold, Dry, And Warm Storage Environments.

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Site Mapping

Our friendly staff here at Tower will help to curate the perfect game plan to help you manage your goods safely, efficiently

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Your dedicated Tower CSR will personally oversee, monitor and document all inbound shipments of your product

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3PL Warehousing

Tower offers your team the peace of mind that your products and materials are being stored safely in and actively managed and monitored environment

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Shipping Logistics

Tower will coordinate the inbound and outbound transport of your materials so that you know you are always achieving the most cost effective solution