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Tower Logistic 3pl Warehousing near New York City and Trenton

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Our Team

Members of the Tower Logistic Warehousing Family share a common bond that is born of the belief that adherence to exacting standards of operation will not only breed an environment of safety but will also help us as we endeavor to further develop the bond of trust that we share with our clients and the community we serve. The caring team here at Tower take a personalized approach when providing our services to all of our valued clients. We are proud to share that our loyal team boasts a record breaking rate of low turnover and that more than 50% of our current team members have been working with Tower for more than 10 years… and counting!

Team of highly dedicated & trained professionals

At Tower Logistic Warehousing we embrace and promote operational integrity every step of the way. Our caring staff carry this ideology with them each day as they embark upon our collect daily vision, to continually under promise and over deliver while NEVER forgetting to keep safety in the forefront of our minds. It is only when we work together toward a singular video that we can achieve true operational excellence at every turn and within each interaction.
Tower Logistic Warehousing team

Company Management

Leadership through inclusivity and compassion. Our executive team sets, and raises, the bar of excellence that we work hard to emulate each and every day.

Steven Sperber


Steven’s vast experience in 3PL makes him the perfect, trusted leader for our team. Steve architects the vision, the purpose and the plan.

Stan Baker

Director of Operations

Stan has been in the 3PL business for over 40 years and has a wealth of knowledge about the industry. His experience makes him an invaluabe part of our team.

Seth Deforest

Chief Technology Office

Seth takes a common sense, real world approach to the implementation of the system, policies and procedures that make it all work and keep us safe.